Product Lineup


We offer plates, cables and pins of bone joining materials to support the treatment of bone fractures due to external factors such as rollovers, falls, or collisions. For bone fractures, treatments that allow early rehabilitation with the least disturbance of motor function are essential in addition to appropriate reduction and fixation. Product development is one of the major themes in view of contributing to the improvement of QOL of patients, therefore we are developing products in consideration of a series of operations such as fixation and removal.


We are also working to develop instruments in order to use implants effectively. This is an effort common to the following fields.


  • AI-wiring system (stainless steel)

    Fixation system for bone fractures of the patella, olecranon, medial malleolus, etc.

  • Scorpion® Neo

    Plating system for distal clavicle fracture

Sports Medicine

This is the field of orthopedic surgery specializing in the appropriate treatment of sport-related injuries and trauma. We offer some implants for the anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction such as Telos artificial ligaments, and staples and buttons for fixing ligaments, as well as surgical instruments used under arthroscopes, such as dilators and forceps.


  • Sports Medicine products

    Implants for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction, surgical instruments under arthroscope

  • telos Stress Device (telos SE)

    Quantitative stress examination device of knee and ankle


SWISS DOLORCLAST is expected to relieve the tension of tendon, muscle and fascia by use of pressure wave delivered from applicator through the skin.



    Radial Pressure Wave

AT measure

AT measure is a measuring device that can quantitatively evaluate the anterior drawer distance of the ankle.

It is compact and user-friendly design, and measured value is directly displayed as AT Value on the real time basis.

Its high reliability is ensured by adopting a unique development of capacitance type sensor based on C-STRETCH® technology.


  • AT measure

    Ankle forward pull distance measuring device

Hip joint

We offer materials for hip prosthesis and the greater trochanter fixation system in hip surgery. Concerning the materials for hip prosthesis, in particular, two hip joint systems are available in a full HA-coated, tapered bone-sparing cementless system and collared cement-type system, as is a bipolar system for femoral head replacement that can be easily assembled during the operation.



    Hip prosthesis with a tapered shape consisting of a titanium base, titanium plasma spray coating and full HA coating

  • AI wiring system (titanium)

    Fixation system of the greater trochanter in hip replacement arthroplasty and joint-sparing osteotomy

Amine modification

In recent years, artificial bones have made steady progress due to technological improvements such as porous structure and biodegradability control. On the other hand, the critical difference from autologous bone was the lack of bioactive capability. Is it impossible for artificial bone itself act directly on cells to promote bone healing and formation? e=Bone® is a new resorbable bone regeneration material based on the concept of osteogenic activity.


  • e=Bone®

    Amine modified resorbable bone regeneration material

Artificial bones

In the treatment of bone defects and non-union after fracture, autogenous bone grafts using the iliac bone, etc. are frequently performed. However, treatments with artificial bones have become applied in recent years because the collectable amount and shape of bone are limited and various harmful effects such as postoperative pain, fracture of the bone donor site, and nerve damage are of concern.


  • Neobone®

    Hydroxyapatite bone substitute

  • Neobone® X

    Hydroxyapatite composite type bone substitute with porous and solid parts

  • Neobrace

    Hydroxyapatite bone substitute for fixing lag screws

Allogeneic bone graft

This system is known to inactivate HIV and BVDV and, furthermore, eliminate trophic bacteria such as MRSA, Escherichia coli, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.


  • Lobator sd-2

    Thermal disinfection system of allogeneic bone grafts

Dental field

Neobone® is a hydroxyapatite bone substitute with 3-D interconnected structure. It has been used extensively in the orthopedic field, and strongly supports bone regeneration also in the dental field.


  • Neobone®

    Hydroxyapatite bone substitute