On the occasion of the birth of Aimedic MMT in April 2016, we set our mission and values (our mission = significance of existence, and our values = what we place importance on) in April 2017, after considerable discussions among all the employees, with the hope that we should contribute to the society as a company and an individual now and in the future.

Our current environment is very tough as the reimbursement prices of special treatment materials are declining in order to curb the increase in medical expenses caused by the declining birthrate and the aging population. However, when we envision the future, there are many social problems to be solved, such as by increasing a healthy lifespan in the era of the 100-year-life and health disparities due to shortage of health professionals. From a global perspective, there are many growing markets where demand is rapidly increasing. On the other hand, advancement of technology is significant, including the regenerative medicine, where various researches are being encouraged at a rapid rate, and ICT, which is developing more rapidly, such as robotics, three-dimensional modeling technology, IoT, AI, and AR/VR.

In this business environment, we will contribute to the society by creating and delivering innovative and high-quality products and services with the mission and values in mind, based on the medical devices for domestic orthopedic field through challenges to new markets, fields, and technologies.

“For everyone’s smile and better medical care”

We hope you will be looking forward to the new Aimedic MMT.

Takayuki Hirooka
Aimedic MMT Co., Ltd.