1986 Established MMT Co., Ltd. in Osaka.
1987 Established Telos Japan Co., Ltd. in Tokyo.
1997 Released “Telos Lobator sd-2”.
1998 Released “Telos Artificial Ligament”.
2000 Released “Scorpion®”.
Established Ai-Medic Co., Ltd. in Tokyo.
2003 Released “Neobone®”.
2004 Released “AI-Wiring System”.
2006 Released “Neobrace”.
Released “Parthenon” (supplement).
2007 Kanda Manufacturing Plant obtained ISO13485 certification.
Released “Parthenon V” (supplement).
2008 Telos Japan Co., Ltd and Ai-Medic Co., Ltd merged.
2009 Released “Neobone® X”.
2010 Released “Neobone® for Dental Application”.
2013 Released “HIPFORTRESS-ND® stems” and “Snapfit® Bipolar System”.
2014 Released “Scorpion® Neo”.
2015 Expanded the scope of ISO13485 certification.
2016 Ai-Medic Co., Ltd. and MMT Co., Ltd. merged.
Changed the company name to Aimedic MMT Co., Ltd.
Corporate Information